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Ponder This I Shall

I wonder, as I cross the Mojave, if somewhere out in those vast stretches there might be a quasi-hippie mounted upon a steed of the equine variety. Said steed lacking any designated appellation due to the rider/writers inability to communicate or experience actual emotional connection. Said steed also slowly going insane as his rider strums an acoustic guitar incessantly and spouts nonsensical and disjointed lyrics that defy all the strictures of grammar.
Or perhaps said steed took advantage of a momentary rest break to kick his rider into the nearest arroyo, leaving said rider to hallucinate a happy ending to his journey before dying of heat stroke and/or dehydration, leaving only a desiccated husk that will never be found.
I wonder…

I wonder if even a half a dozen people will get what I am babbling about… I wonder…
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Desert Transit Type IX

I40 between Barstow and Needles

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Climbing up out of the valley.

Posted 6 hours ago

We are unified.

Good morning.
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Look at all that fun! Oh boy!
I know you wish you were me.
I wish you were me too.

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Night vision.

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Your face reminds me of Chris Hadfield, the astronaut
Anonymous asked

That’s one hell of a compliment! Thank you! Most people tell me I almost look like someone they can’t remember or whose name they never knew. What a nice change this is. Thanks again!

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El Segundo after dark. Like it’s any improvement.

Posted 22 hours ago

The mark of a quality neighborhood.
Either the vandals are 8ft tall, or they carry step ladders around with them.

Posted 23 hours ago

How peaceful. How serene. How corporate.

And they say “How about you go away and come back in four hours?”


El Segundo. That’s Spanish for ‘The Segundo’.